Working for you. Growing with you. 


Our mission is simple: we use responsive accounting, real-time collaboration, and a personalized approach to help you make the smartest decisions about your finances. From small business accounting to individual taxes and everything in between, we’ll work together to make you and your business as successful as possible. No matter how simple or complicated your affairs, we take the time to understand your unique financial situation and hand-select tools that work best for you. 



Meet Carlie Bittel, CPA. After gaining a few years of experience at a national accounting firm, Carlie left the corporate world in 2013 and founded Bittel Books & Taxes. A problem-solver at heart, Carlie is passionate about helping fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals grow and succeed. She approaches every client with honesty, transparency, and respect so that valuable partnerships can be formed. She believes in people helping people, and having a little fun along the way.

Carlie holds a Masters of Accounting from the University of Kansas and is a licensed CPA in Texas, Kansas, and Missouri. She specializes in Quickbooks Online, but works with multiple platforms that include Freshbooks, Quickbooks Desktop, and Xero.


How do we work? Two words – online accounting. This savvy process is the future of bookkeeping for a reason. And you'll see why when we start working together. Paper waste is eliminated. The hassle of swapping files back and forth is no longer a problem. And you'll never run out of storage for business records. 

In today’s world, you have to choose the right kind of technology tailored to your business. We'll help you find the right tools to consolidate point of sales, invoicing, collections, time tracking, and more. We can even integrate features such as payroll and inventory with a click, syncing everything into one accurate snapshot of your business.

Another benefit of our online accounting process is that we share access to all financial information, allowing us to work with you in real-time. In other words, you'll consistently work closely with an experienced advisor who understands your unique opportunities and challenges. Together, we'll take the right steps to make your business as successful as possible.